How might we design solutions to enable caregivers and their loved ones with dementia to lead balanced lives during the long journey of caring?


An individual who provides direct care for a person with dementia. This can include professional caregivers or family caregivers (including domestic help).

Balanced Lives

Living a balanced lives refers to how we can alleviate the stresses that comes with being a caregiver to a person with dementia. Stresses to a caregiver may come in the form of emotional, physical, mental, financial stress.

Long Journey

From point of diagnosis, the average life expectancy for dementia is 10 years. During this time, family members face a multitude of responsibilities.

Designathon We Remember 2018

Designathon We Remember 2018 looks to empower the community to come together to design for dementia! The event brings together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, students, caregivers, healthcare workers and social service providers to collaborate and identify design solutions for persons with dementia and their caregivers in Singapore.

Have an idea and would like to bring it to life?

Submit your ideas to participate in the 3-day Designathon We Remember 2018 Making Event. The event is held in conjunction with the Enabling Festival (5-7 October 2018), a three-day community festival which addresses the growing importance of dementia awareness; to enable those living with dementia to live a life with dignity and share practical tips for caregiving.
Shortlisted teams will be selected to join the 3-day makeathon event to design their own products for persons with dementia; speak to industry experts and mentors; work with caregivers and dementia professionals and win from a total prize pool of over $10,000!
Designathon We Remember 2018 is supported by the OSF Fund and DesignSingapore Council and hosted at National Design Centre.
Read on for more information.


STEP 1: 
Register for the Info Session and learn more the problem statement. Meet with experts and form a team of up to 5 people.

Join Designathon We Remember 2018 by submitting your team’s design proposal by 19th September.

Join the activities held from August until October.

You will be informed by 21st of September if your team has been shortlisted to join the 3-day making event. Shortlisted teams will be invited to make their prototypes at the National Design Centre from 5-7 October 2018!

The prize presentation will be held on the 7th of October.

Please read details on how to go about each step below. If you have any further queries, you can reach us here.


Registrations Open
3 August

Info Sessions
21 August (National Design Centre, Auditorium) and 14 September (National Design Centre, Makerspace@NDC)

Registrations Close
19 September

Results Announced (for Shortlisted Teams Only)
21 September

3-Day Designathon We Remember 2018
5-7 October

Step 1:

Register for the Info Session

Find out more about Designathon We Remember 2018 at by registering for the Info Sessions on
Info Session 1 – Aug 21st 2018 (National Design Centre, Auditorium)
Info Session 2 – Sept 14th 2018 (National Design Centre, Makerspace @NDC)
Hear from experts, discuss the challenge, meet other passionate innovators and form your teams to participate in the competition!
Please do take note that to be part of the Designathon We Remember 2018, it is compulsory to attend at least one Info Session either on Aug 21 or Sept 14.
Click here to register for the info sessions., if you have any further queries, you can send an enquiry email here.

Step 2:

Have an idea? Submit your design proposal

Form up into a team of up to 5 members and register your interest to join Designathon We Remember 2018 by sending in your design proposal!
Download the submission template, complete it and send it to by 19 September, 2018, 2359hrs.
This submission is your team’s official entry to Designathon We Remember 2018.

Step 3:

Learn more about Dementia and enjoy the event line-up


Designathon We Remember 2018 is held in conjunction with the Enabling Festival (5-7 October) that seeks to showcase potentialities that focus on the enablement of people living with dementia to provide them with a better quality and dignified life.
As part of the Designathon We Remember 2018 experience, there are many events organised to give you a better idea of life with dementia. Please do register for the sessions!

View Events

The sessions will culminate in the Enabling Festival which is a kaleidoscope of multi-disciplinary activities in the areas of visual art, music, design, theatre, film, dance, photography, medical forums, early detection assessment, hands-on workshops, an experiential walk through the Enabling Room and the Designathon 2018 for dementia-friendly products that are localised and Asian-centric. Find out more about the Enabling Festival here.

Step 4:

Join Designathon We Remember 2018

Shortlisted teams will be selected to join the 3-day making event to design their own products for persons with dementia.
Participants will be supplied with tools and materials to build their prototypes.
Have a chance to speak with mentors from various backgrounds, work with caregivers and dementia experts, and win from a prize pool of over $10,000!
5-7 October 2018, Friday – Sunday 
8.30am–6.00pm, National Design Centre Level 2