I Pledge
to Support.

I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of constantly keeping my mind alert and active, especially in moments where I’m physically worn out from work but still have to devote energy to manage personal issues.

Reading about Alzheimer’s and its outcomes, the stories about the personal torment that patients and caregivers go through while the disease plagues…it’s hard to imagine what I would do in that position. I think I’d feel really helpless and resigned because I can’t do anything about it; and possibly mad at everyone and myself.

Here I applaud the courage shown by caregivers whose experience has touched me – especially from a dear friend whose father passed on last year from Alzheimer’s. It dawned on me that I hadn’t shown as much support as I should have, hadn’t listened as intently as I should have; hadn’t asked as much as I should have. How many others struggle silently, believing that others wouldn’t understand?