I Pledge
to Support.

A lot of people are amazed, when I tell them I work with elderly people. ‘So young?!’ they say. Some of them also raise their eyebrows when I say that it is a part of my job to be close to death. But the most of them say that I have a great, wonderful, useful and beautiful occupation.

Here’s a story of Anna. She is one of the patients I care for and she suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Every morning, when I open the door to the ward and cross the hallway to my office, I see Anna. She sits there, waiting for me or walks up to me when she hears my footsteps or my keys in the lock.

It’s amazing… that even as her mind ventures further and further away each passing day, she still seems to remember that the people around her are her safety net. Without fail, she comes and wait for me every day to check if I arrive in the office and in that, I guess I am her safety net.

That’s the beauty of moments like this. Because as upsetting as it is to see a person worsen in such a terrifying illness, it also reminds me of the importance of my job. Anna reminds me every morning as I walk through the halls to start my day why I do what I do and I thank her for that.