I Pledge
to Support.

My Grandpa died in 2014 after living with dementia for over 10 years. My Grandma was his primary carer and they lived on a Christmas tree farm in the country. Accessing supports was not an easy task for her.

In University, I was taking courses in Social Work and Gerontology as Grandpa progressed. I experienced firsthand the layers of emotion an individual and impacted family goes through.

I want every caregiver, at any age, to know what a rockstar they are. Being a care partner is no easy task, with many challenging and thankless moments. Your ability to show empathy, love and care for people living with dementia inspires me to devote my career to make a difference.

I advocate for people living with dementia and their care partners because I love my grandparents.

I advocate to disrupt the stigmas around mental health.

I advocate for hope because I believe in the future.