I Pledge
to Support.


Dear Caregiver,

Blessed are you for you share: your time, love, compassion and the love of LIFE itself! You always do “REMEMBER THOSE WHO CANNOT REMEMBER”- our friends affected by dementia.

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”. For you, truly enact many roles as that of a ‘mother’ who tirelessly tends and waits on; that of a ‘child’ when they require some playful fun, as a ‘counselor’ who lends support and a ear, that of a ‘teacher’ who re-orients them with a learning they once knew so well and as ‘Florence Nightingale’ who remembers to nurse with tender loving care when it is medicine-taking time. How blessed are you to enact these roles so successfully all on a daily basis? Keep going!

Caregiving is truly an art that emanates from within you and you are blessed with this endless, overflowing capacity of compassion, patience, empathy and a deep respect for others. You are indeed a great communicator with the person you handle. Remember they trust you immensely and so do their family members! You have established an unbreakable bond in others’ lives by bringing hope and happiness.

You make caring your way of life for our friends with dementia by putting yourself second and unconditionally look after their needs and do so with great success. Be it ‘duty’ as a family carer or as a hired carer, please take time for yourself, too. After all in the long run, as you meet this challenge, you will have a price to pay, mentally and physically. Don’t forget you are very precious. Do not underestimate yourself. You successfully handle challenging situations with grace but you too, need to take some time off, treat yourself to the movies, meet your friends, share your challenges with other carers, join support groups where you know you are not alone and that you, too, can ventilate with them, go swimming or wherever possible, take our dementia friend to the park, aquarium or the zoo. Remind yourself you too need a place in the sun as you spread sunshine in others’ lives!

You will always be rewarded with Inner Joy as you walk on life’s path meeting unexpected challenges. For, as you “REMEMBER THOSE WHO CANNOT REMEMBER”, HE has taken you and our friend with dementia, in the Palm of His Hand.