I Pledge
to Support.


Listening to Annika, a 22 years old young woman, whose mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 7 years ago, just touched my heart!

Knowing your mother is sick, is already a lot to handle for a 15 years old girl – but managing the household & two lives beside school, when you are still almost a kid, shouldn’t happen.

In Germany young carers are still a mostly invisible group, but this is about to change! It´s important to raise awareness among society and professionals, such as teachers or doctors, and to build up a network of support, since many don’t react because of a lack of knowledge and being overchallenged themselves.

This needs to change, since many young carers have to give up future plans, like traveling abroad or going to university and have to grow up too fast. Instead of being ashamed, their burdens should be acknowledged and their efforts valued.