I Pledge
to Support.

To me, dementia is more like an inexperienced and greedy thief because it hides slivers of memories by stuffing them into these small and inconspicuous pockets so that sufferers perpetually drift in and out of lucidity. There are still good days.

As a budding scientist in Alzheimer’s research, please take comfort in the fact that with every scientific breakthrough, and with every child inspired to be a researcher, doctor, nurse, or caregiver, we are getting a step closer to decoding the disease and finding a cure. We may not be there yet, but we are definitely trying our damnedest to find where these “pockets” are hidden.

It may be a daunting task, but it is definitely not impossible! In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears peeled because something exciting is coming your way.

Dementia. It is:

Not about who they used to be
But about the beautiful soul still living within

Not about what they can remember
But about the memories you have created and shared together

Not about when their mental faculties will cease
But about your presence when they face foggy days clouded by the disease

Not about the challenges that lie ahead
But about the new milestones you will embrace instead

Not about forcing them to recall and understand
But about being there for them and holding them by the hand

Not about counting down the days they have left
But about celebrating those moments of lucidity, little triumphs, and conquests

Not about your sacrifice nor your optimistic bravado
But about making them feel that they will never be alone

Please don’t let them go.