We’re just getting started. We started ‘Local Chapters’ because our audience wanted to connect and identify with stories closer to home. We’re starting with Singapore but welcoming anyone who is passionate about dementia advocacy to take on the role of building a Chapter in your Local Community!


Why Local Communities ?

We decided to set up local communities because our audience wanted to connect and identify with stories closer to home. Your ‘Local City’ page will allow you to form branded content to directly reach out to the community around you.

The Local Community Page helps to:

  1. Form a space of identification for young caregivers in your local community
  2. Create dedicated support programmes and/or services for the younger community of caregivers
  3. To educate and create awareness of dementia among the younger generation
  4. Highlight events specific to the community (eg. workshops/training/support sessions)
  5. Work with your local Dementia Association to engage with the younger generation found ‘online’ in their community

What does it mean to be a PWF host ?

Q: What does it mean to be a PWF host?

A: Each ProjectWeForgot (PWF) – Local Chapter is led by one person who serves as the local host. This volunteer represents his/her community by leading a team and organising the chapter with the support of Project We Forgot HQ.

As the primary host, you will be the face of your community page and be in charge of:

— Outreach and building your local community
— Uncovering stories to load on to your local page
— Featuring relevant local events
— Partnering with your local Dementia Association and other relevant organisations
— Serving as the main point of contact
— Leading the Chapter team
— Finding sponsors to cover physical events (if any)

How to bring Project We Forgot (PWF) to your Local Community ?

ProjectWeForgot (PWF) – Local Chapters are run by passionate volunteer hosts and their teams. We work closely with every host, so there is a formal application process to start an official chapter in your city.

ProjectWeForgot (PWF) offers an opportunity to bring together your local community, connect what’s going on in your city with the broader world, and join a network of other young caregivers and advocates.

If you’re serious about bringing PWF to your community, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at We’ll send you a bunch of FAQs and if PWF seems like a right fit for you, we’ll expand on discussions and begin a Chapter Application.

Are you
interested in
supporting the work
that we do ?

This community is run by volunteers who are passionate about dementia advocacy among the young and in creating a space of support for young caregivers. If you believe in the movement we are working towards and would like to support us in some way, we would really love to hear from you.

Please reach us at