September: Dementia. What it means to care?

In conjunction with World Alzheimer’s Month, the event will feature a total of four dementia short-films from the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival (SMHFF) Short Film Youth Competition over two event dates.

Each event will include the screening of two dementia short films, featuring a conversation with the youth filmmakers on their process in developing the films, as well as a panel discussion that will include a young caregiver, caregiver support expert, and a mental health expert.

The events aim to raise awareness of dementia amongst youths and young adults, form role identification of how youths or young adults play a part in the caregiving process, as well as provide support activities and resources for younger caregivers in the community.

05 September, Saturday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm


  • Emit by Gerard Heng & Yvonne Yen
  • “Pastry” by Franc Torres & Prahalad Guru


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19 September, Saturday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm


  • When Mirrors Had Meaning by Yuga J Vardhan
  • But The Heart by Cheryl Ng Wan Ting & Wong Wen Hui


  • Kelvin Lee, Manager, Caregiver Support, TOUCH Community Services
  • Theresa Wang, Assistant Director, Targeted Interventions, SHINE Children & Youth Services
  • Cheryl Ng, 21, lived with her grandmother with dementia when she was 8 and now a caregiver to her grandfather with dementia
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Short Films

by Gerard Heng & Yvonne Yen

At the doctor’s office, Emit is surrounded by cold and indifferent onlookers. He tries, but fails to pay attention to the seemingly redundant questions being fired at him. Frustrated by this unsympathetic crowd, Emit seeks solace back at home. Yet, this offers little respite as Emit’s mind and body continue to deteriorate. As daily life becomes increasingly dysfunctional, Emit finds himself struggling to reconcile the mismatch between his perception, and reality.


by Franc Torres & Prahalad Guru

A short film about a hard-working young mother who juggled between two jobs to make ends meet while taking care of her two children. As time went by, the mother had less of a social life and found her self mostly alone at home. This lead to her eventually being diagnosed with dementia.

When Mirrors Had Meaning

by Yuga J Vardhan

When Mirrors Had Meaning is a visually searing experience of 70 year old, Krishnan setting him off a journey in search of his distant memory, leaving behind a letter to his family. Upon her return, his daughter, Priya finds the letter and assumes the worst. Her mother, Rani finds her in a frenzied state.

But the Heart

by Cheryl Ng Wan Ting & Wong Wen Hui

After the passing of her grandfather, a teenager’s grandmother, who is diagnosed with dementia, is left alone. As she is on a school break, she is tasked to be her grandmother’s caretaker for the time being. This is the journey of how a granddaughter helps her grandmother with the recollection of the love of her life.

October: Self-Care Hour Sessions. How do I care for myself?

Aligned with World Mental Health Month, we aim to create online safe spaces for young caregivers to gain a deeper understanding of their own mental health. Apart from creating a community of young caregivers, we understand the immediate need for these individuals to learn ways to support themselves. Emotional and mental wellness are not often seen as top priority, especially when there is a lot going on in life.

Led by The Breath Movement, the sessions aim to work with young individuals by providing them with tools and resources that will help support their mental health, give them strength to carry on with their tasks, and most importantly, to avoid being burnt out.

03 October, 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Finding support for ourselves when we are supporting others might not seem necessary at times. However, emotions can feel overwhelming when we have a lot going on, which could potentially lead us to negative thoughts and behaviours.

What to expect:
In this session, we will explore simple body movement and breathing exercises to enable us to support ourselves, especially during stressful periods. We will also have access to take-away practices that can be done at our own time.

What to prepare:
Please prepare a yoga/exercise mat, or a big towel.


17 October, 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Boundaries can be a foreign concept for some of us. How do we find personal space and time to recharge ourselves?

What to expect:
In this session, we will explore who we are in relationship to others and ourselves with movement, breathing and small writing exercises. We will learn to understand the methods that work for us to recharge ourselves physically, mentally and energetically, which may help us tide through the rough periods as young caregivers.

What to prepare:
Please prepare a yoga/exercise mat (or towel), a few sheets of blank A4 paper and coloured pens/markers/pencils.

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