Joy, A Short Film On The Memory Of A Faded Mind

By April 7, 2016 April 20th, 2017 Current
This short film by British filmmaker Bart Frank aims to celebrate the life of his Grandmother, Joy, while giving a personal window into the horrors of Alzheimer’s disease.

By Melissa Chan

Joy Film 2
Memory of a faded mind: a daughter explores her mother’s life and declining health.
Joy Film 3
This short documentary film relives the life of Joy, a beautiful English mother.
Joy Film 4
Narrated by the delightfully soft voice of her eldest daughter (Jude), the waves of emotion carry you through her story.
Joy Film 5
“No one should ever forget what a wonderful woman Joy was.”


Watch the incredibly beautiful short film here:

In Memory of Joyce Miriam Frank | 1930 – 2016

to see more of bart frank’s work, visit or follow them on twitterRead more on Bart’s personal journey in producing his short film, Joy, here.

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