Our Mission

Project We Forgot (PWF) is a community network platform to inform, empower and support caregivers to persons with dementia.

What We Do


Our Community.

Project We Forgot (PWF) provides an online space of identification for young caregivers caring for a loved one with dementia through personal stories. We drive strong outreach across social channels through branded content to target the young.

Our Focus.

We are focused on dementia outreach, awareness and supporting young caregivers. We advocate and build a community of support for young caregivers who may be caring for a parent or a grandparent with dementia.

Our Work.

The 4 Pillars of Project We Forgot (PWF)

Online Community

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  • Humanise the journey through story-telling
  • Provide an online space of identification for young caregivers
  • Digital library of guides and resources

Offline Local Chapter Activations

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Global Collaborations & Partnerships

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Working with a global network to gather insights to build better support, we cover surveys, research work and take on consulting projects focused on product or programme development targeted for the younger community.

Workshops, Training & Programmes

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  • Support Young Caregivers within Schools and Organisations
  • Partner to Educate:
    1. Youth & Teachers  2. Young Adults  3. Corporates

Increase availability of formal and non-formal support for young caregivers.


Increase awareness and education amongst young people on the impact of dementia on both caregivers and persons with dementia

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Increase awareness of needs of caregivers at formal institutions (schools and workplaces).

Our Team

We are a team of enthusiastic and innovative individuals, who have a passion for dementia outreach, awareness and supporting younger caregivers. We build our team with individuals who have been or are caregivers and would like to give back. Our skills span consultancy, editorial, creative, dementia care, design, digital development, organisational development and events. Local chapter representatives lead the outreach and support activities by bringing global practices to their local community.

Melissa Chan

Melissa combines her love for story-telling, digital marketing and branding to bring creative ideations and campaign experiences to life. Her work with PWF is inspired by her journey as a previous young caregiver to her dad with young-onset Alzheimer’s. An active believer in the power of collaborations and partnerships, Melissa serves as a member for the World Young Leaders in Dementia (WYLD).

Jeremy Mok

Jeremy believes that everyone deserves care regardless of their background. He made a recent career switch and is now with an eldercare NPO in Singapore. Inspired by his own journey caring for his grandma with dementia, he understands first hand that all caregivers need help – including the younger ones. Jeremy hopes to contribute to PWF by helping the community better understand dementia and the impact on caregivers.


Joanna Sun

Joanna is a private consultant and PhD candidate at University of Wollongong. She is undertaking a research project on adapting a dementia enabling environment audit tool for Singapore. Her background as a care assistant, nurse, healthcare administrator and life experiences with dementia has led her to develop a passionate and active involvement in the aged care industry especially in the areas of dementia care.


Gabrielle Lee

Gabrielle is an organisational development consultant. She drives, crafts and contributes to transformation and growth in clients’ lives. She has spearheaded several large-scale people development initiatives for multinational corporations, including one that spanned 6 key business locations across Asia Pacific. Gabrielle supports PWF through program planning and content contribution.

Cher Han Lee

Cher Han believes in making a dent in the universe. As a photographer, he is committed to creating images and stories that are purposeful, authentic, and quietly ambitious. He uses his photography to inform, comfort, amaze, and inspire the community around him. With a background also in business, marketing and sociology, Cher Han contributes through strategy and ideation processes.

YJ Yeap

A scientist-in-training, YJ has had the opportunity to work on projects pertaining to Alzheimer’s. She was further acquainted with the ravages of Alzheimer’s by witnessing her good friend struggle as a caregiver and grapple with the eventual loss of a parent to the disease. She hopes that PWF can provide a glimpse into the extraordinary lives of caregivers and their loved ones to raise more awareness for the oft-underappreciated and overlooked realm of palliative caregiving.

Lin Wang_CN

China / Lin Wang

Local Chapter Representative in China

Lin Wang is currently a young caregiver to her dad who was diagnosed with young-onset Azheimer’s, 7 years ago, at age 54. Canadian Chinese but having lived the bulk of her life in Beijing, Lin leads the Project We Forgot (PWF) Chapter in China. She is inspired by her journey and wants to do whatever she can to help other individuals in her community better understand dementia, point them to the right support services and share what they can do to make a difference. 

王琳目前是一位年轻的照顾者. 她的爸爸7年前在他54岁的时候被诊断患有早发认知症。在北京土生土长得加拿大华侨, 她领导当地中国 Project We Forgot (PWF) 的部分。作为照顾者,她希望能帮助到更多像她一样的年轻人,让他们了解和知道他们不是孤独的,不是没有希望的,可做的还很多很多。

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