Our Mission

Project We Forgot (PWF) is a community network platform to inform, empower and support caregivers to persons with dementia.

What We Do


Our Community.

Project We Forgot (PWF) is a community for caregivers to persons with dementia (PWDs) that provides locally-relevant support, knowledge, and access to services. We do this through online and offline channels – online via our website and content, social media, and a community network; offline via local events.

Our Focus.

We are focused on dementia outreach, awareness and supporting the changing demographic of caregivers.

Our Work.

The 4 Pillars of Project We Forgot (PWF)

Online Community

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  • Humanise the journey through story-telling
  • Provide an online space of identification and network for caregivers
  • Digital library of guides and resources

Offline Local Chapter Activations

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  • Outreach Events
  • Support Initiatives
  • Support Local City Chapters

Global Collaborations & Partnerships

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Working with a global network to gather insights to build better support, we cover surveys, research work and take on consulting projects focused on product or programme development targeted for the younger community.

Workshops, Training & Programmes

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  • Support Young Caregivers within Schools and Organisations
  • Partner to Educate:
    1. Youth & Teachers  2. Young Adults  3. Corporates

Increase availability of formal and non-formal support for caregivers to persons with dementia.


Increase awareness and education amongst young people on the impact of dementia on both caregivers and persons with dementia

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Increase awareness of needs of caregivers at formal institutions (schools and workplaces).

Our Team

We are a team of enthusiastic and innovative individuals, who have a passion for dementia outreach, awareness and supporting caregivers. We build our team with individuals who have been or are caregivers and would like to give back. Our skills span editorial, creative, dementia care, design, digital development, organisational development and events.

Melissa Chan

Melissa founded Project We Forgot (PWF) after she was inspired by her journey with her father’s dementia. Her experience spans service design, social innovation, community growth, and building brand strategies for the finance, hospitality, travel and technology sectors. An active believer in the power of collaborations and partnerships, Melissa serves as President for the World Young Leaders in Dementia (WYLD) Network, driving the development of innovative dementia solutions across disciplines and borders.

Cheryl Bok

Cheryl brings her diverse corporate experience in financial services, integrated media, and events when she made the decision to take root in the eldercare sector. She started her journey in 2017 at Homage, a health tech start-up. As she continually aspires to reimagine and reinvent care in the community, she is currently leading the Customer Experience team at a residential aged care home in Singapore. She puts human-centeredness at the core of what she does, including strategies for service design for care. Cheryl also believes in taking small, conscious steps to cultivate daily mindfulness to improve cognitive health and mental wellness.

Joanna Sun

Joanna Sun is a PhD candidate at University of Wollongong and a project officer at the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre. She is undertaking a research project on adapting a dementia enabling environment audit tool for Singapore. Her background as a care assistant, nurse, healthcare administrator and life experiences with dementia has led her to develop a passionate and active involvement in the aged care industry especially in the areas of dementia care. She also sits on the 2019 Committee for the Australian Association of Gerontology in Tasmania.

Jeremy Mok

Jeremy made the switch from the corporate world and entered the eldercare sector in 2017. He currently works with seniors in Singapore, helping them age in place within the community. He is motivated by his journey in caring for his grandmother with dementia. Having been a young caregiver himself, he strongly believes in the work of Project We Forgot and the need for adaptive strategies to reach and support the diverse profiles of caregivers.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers play a key role in growing the support movement both locally and digitally. Roles are open globally and as a volunteer, you can champion the cause by contributing in the areas of editorial support, social media management, design, events or even choose to lead your local city chapter! Local chapter representatives lead the outreach and support activities by bringing global practices to their local community.

If you believe in the movement we are working towards and would like to support us in some way, we would really love to hear from you. Please reach out to us here.

Partners & Supporters

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We want to hear all stories big and small from both caregivers and supporters! Both the good and tough bits. A photography or film collection you have shot or even an interesting way you’ve taken action to support the cause.

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