Better Care
for Dementia

Share. Connect. Learn. Grow.

There is a place and a role for each person. Even everyday contributions matter to the community as a whole.

What We Do

Project We Forgot (PWF) is a community for carers to persons living with dementia that provides support resources, outreach and education activations, and consultancy with organisations to drive innovation and design to improve the lives of carers and people living with dementia.

Support Resources

Find the support you need to navigate your journey of dementia through shared experiences. Tap on resources around carer wellbeing, services, and care information.

Outreach & Education

We actively engage and work with various sector partners – government, corporates, educational institutions, and community organisations to build awareness and education around brain health, carer support, and dementia care.

Innovation & Design

We collaborate with global partners in product, service and experience design to build better support systems and solutions for carers and persons living with dementia.

How We Work

Experiences at the heart of it all

Every experience matters. To create a great user experience we must show empathy with the end-user, and understand how they behave – goals, motivations and frustrations. We don’t do this by assumption or using second-hand information. We are person-centric. We talk directly to the user to validate our direction.

Community and connectedness

A community provides common ground and builds identification. It is a powerful tool to facilitate the development and exchange of knowledge. We work with partners to drive outreach, support, and education activations.

Collaboration and co-creation

A coordinated, multi-stakeholder approach is essential to drive impactful solutions. We work with users, non-profits, corporates, creatives, and government agencies to collaborate and co-create programmes and services around brain health and dementia.


Melissa Chan
Melissa Chan works with tri-sector partners (business, government and nonprofit) in the area of health and social care to lead service design, innovation, and growth projects. Melissa is currently an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health with the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI), Trinity College Dublin. She is also Lead Consultant for CARA by Dementia Singapore, a lifestyle and community digital membership platform, and Founder of Project We Forgot a platform for carers that provides support resources across the dementia care journey. Melissa was previously with ECON Healthcare Group and Homage, an on-demand technology care solution where she led growth, service design, and partnerships with corporates government agencies, healthcare institutions, and social service organisations in Singapore and Malaysia. Melissa is President of the World Young Leaders in Dementia (WYLD) Network, driving dementia innovation across disciplines and borders.
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Cheryl Bok
Cheryl started her journey in the eldercare sector at a health tech start-up, and currently leading experience design at a private aged care home in Singapore. Amidst her daily work, she finds deep meaning while interfacing with caregivers, uncovering their experiences layer by layer. She continually believes that the voice of a caregiver is powerful and can bring hope to others in the community, one story at a time. Cheryl also believes in taking small, conscious steps to cultivate daily mindfulness to improve cognitive health and mental wellness.
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Joanna Sun
Dr Sun is an environmental design specialist working to promote dementia-enabling environments. Her research focuses on developing a built environmental assessment tool for people living with dementia. Dr Sun has developed and co-authored an environmental assessment tool with Prof Richard Fleming, known as the Singapore Environmental Assessment Tool (SEAT). They have also published a user guide on the SEAT for facilities providing high levels of care for people living with dementia in Singapore. Her research interest lies in understanding the influence of the built environment and digital solutions for people living with dementia and their families. Dr Joanna Sun also takes on the role of a Relationship Manager at the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, working to promote dementia literacy globally.
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Aaliya Syeda
Aaliya Syeda is a poet, artist and a student at UWC, Singapore. She has been working for the cause of dementia since 2018, from volunteering in nursing homes to leading a school-based service as the Chair of Cognitive Rehabilitation with Apex Harmony Lodge, Singapore. She provides befriending services and organises mentally-stimulating activities to carry out with the residents on a weekly basis. She is also the founder of the ‘Youth Dementia Activists’ Program, which she established in partnership with Sir William Beveridge Foundation, Bangladesh. It is a project aimed at raising dementia awareness within the youth population and fighting the stigma associated with it in South Asian communities. In her free time, Aaliya writes poetry inspired by her experiences with people who have dementia.
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