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Truly smart homes could help persons with dementia live independently

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The growing number of people with dementia is encouraging care providers to look to technology as a way…

Designing for Dementia: Bringing ideas to life

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As part of Designathon 2019, participants were brought through the design-methodology and making process to bring their ideas…

Enabling EDIE: A person with dementia’s perspective of dementia

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As part of Designathon 2019, the Alzheimer's Disease Association (ADA) provided an Enabling EDIE workshop for participants to experience…

End-of-life planning: A pivotal step in a caregiver’s journey

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Financial and legal matters may not be the first thing that caregivers think about when faced with a…

Ninaivirukkum Varai: Reaching Young Caregivers in Malaysia

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In conjunction with World Alzheimer’s Month 2019, Project We Forgot (PWF) and Homage in Malaysia collaborated to run…

5 popular caregiver reads for World Alzheimer’s Month

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To mark World Alzheimer’s Month in Malaysia, we handpicked a few articles to help you understand the condition…