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Daniel’s Journey: My Life as a Working Caregiver

| Caregiver, Singapore, Young Caregiver | No Comments
Daniel Lim was 30 years old, and building a career for himself in Singapore. Everything changed when his Father was diagnosed with dementia. Daniel is now his family's sole breadwinner...

An Asian Face to Dementia: Project We Forgot reviews Before We Forget

| Awareness, Caregiver | No Comments
Before We Forget, also known as The Kid from the Big Apple 2: Before We Forget (我来自纽约2:当我们在一起 in Chinese), is a 2017 Malaysian film by director Jess Teong. The movie gives...

Wat Alz? Kasper’s Story of Memory Places, Imagination, & Dementia

| Awareness, Supporter | No Comments
Think about dementia as 'memory loss', and the thought becomes paralyzing. But imagine it as 'communication loss', and there are many things which we can do for our loved ones...

Ambiguous Loss: When The Loss Doesn’t End

| Caregiving, Wellbeing | No Comments
Ambiguous loss differs from the experience of death because the loved one is still present. There is a lack of finality that typically occurs in death, as a caregiver experiences...

Caregiving & Our New Year’s Resolution: Reserving Time For Myself

| Caregiving, Wellbeing | No Comments
The new year brings a fresh start. For many people, that means making New Year’s resolutions. As a caregiver, it is important to resolve to care for yourself too. Now...

The Unsung Hero in Our Journey of Caring: Our Foreign Domestic Worker

| Caregiving, Singapore | No Comments
I have seen my-then-boyfriend-now-husband, Eric care for his father with dementia and he would not have been able to balance his career and caregiving responsibilities without the support of our...