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‘Siapa nak jaga mak?’ A Narrative on The Mental Health Toll of Caregiving

| Caregiver, Singapore, Wellbeing | No Comments
This story is about Masturah, a single daughter, in Singapore, who quits her fulltime job to provide care for her mother with deteriorating physical health and also dementia. The role...

Playing the Role of A Daughter: My Role in Caregiving

| Caregiver, Singapore, Wellbeing | No Comments
Ying Ying Ho first started assuming the role of her parents' caregiver approximately 8 years ago at the age of 36. During that time, she was still climbing the corporate...

Do All Caregivers Matter?

| Caregiving, Wellbeing | No Comments
“Caregivers of all ages need support. Shouldn’t we simply support all caregivers?” A belief that all caregivers have the exact same set of needs and experiences is simply inaccurate and short-sighted. By Feylyn...

Living The Long Goodbye with My Grandpa and Dementia

| Canada, Caregiver, Young Caregiver | No Comments
Julia is 26, and caring for her grandfather with dementia in Canada. She brings us through her journey in growing up with her grandfather, caring for him with dementia, and...

Voices from Dementia Caregivers on Pangdemonium’s The Father

| Awareness, Culture, Singapore | No Comments
Pangdemonium's staging of The Father highlights the journey a family goes through when caring for a loved one with dementia. We speak to our community of caregivers to hear what they thought...

Daniel’s Journey: How I Manage Caregiving Stress

| Caregiver, Singapore, Young Caregiver | No Comments
Daniel Lim was 30 years old, and building a career for himself in Singapore. Everything changed when his Father was diagnosed with dementia. Here, he shares his journey towards recovering...