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Ambiguous Loss: When The Loss Doesn’t End

| Caregiving, Wellbeing | No Comments
Ambiguous loss differs from the experience of death because the loved one is still present. There is a lack of finality that typically occurs in death, as a caregiver experiences...

Caregiving & Our New Year’s Resolution: Reserving Time For Myself

| Caregiving, Wellbeing | No Comments
The new year brings a fresh start. For many people, that means making New Year’s resolutions. As a caregiver, it is important to resolve to care for yourself too. Now...

The Unsung Hero in Our Journey of Caring: Our Foreign Domestic Worker

| Caregiving, Singapore | No Comments
I have seen my-then-boyfriend-now-husband, Eric care for his father with dementia and he would not have been able to balance his career and caregiving responsibilities without the support of our...

What Does Dementia Mean To You?

| Caregiver, Wellbeing | No Comments
"Words and sentences do not tell us meanings by themselves; it's us who draw meanings from words and sentences." Here is a collection of voices from our community and what...

Facing Dementia with Mum and Many Other Caregivers

| Caregiving, Singapore | No Comments
Galen Yeo is a caregiver to his mother with dementia and the Creative Director of The Moving Visuals Co., the production house behind the “Facing Dementia” series. By documenting the lives of...

Caring for My Father with Dementia for Over 20 Years

| Caregiving, Singapore | No Comments
Sue Hsian Yau has been caring for her father for over 20 years. Her father was diagnosed in the early 90s, at a time where there was hardly any support...