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What Does Dementia Mean To You?

| Caregiver, Wellbeing | No Comments
"Words and sentences do not tell us meanings by themselves; it's us who draw meanings from words and sentences." Here is a collection of voices from our community and what...

Facing Dementia with Mum and Many Other Caregivers

| Caregiving, Singapore | No Comments
Galen Yeo is a caregiver to his mother with dementia and the Creative Director of The Moving Visuals Co., the production house behind the “Facing Dementia” series. By documenting the lives of...

Caring for My Father with Dementia for Over 20 Years

| Caregiving, Singapore | No Comments
Sue Hsian Yau has been caring for her father for over 20 years. Her father was diagnosed in the early 90s, at a time where there was hardly any support...

Caregiving from Afar Through Technology

| Caregiving, Wellbeing | No Comments
Being far away from someone you love is tough, especially if they have health issues, but fortunately technology can help you ensure that they stay healthy and happy, no matter...

19 Year-Old Strives to Make Dominica a Dementia Friendly Country

| Awareness, Caregiver | No Comments
Rianna Patterson is bringing waves of change to her community through the Dominica Dementia Foundation. She is also a 2017 recipient of the Queen Young Leaders’ Award which recognises exceptional young...

#MemoriesMatter: A Snapchat Campaign to Raise Awareness of Dementia in UAE

| Awareness | No Comments
Designed in a collaboration between Mediavest | Spark, Getty Images and Project We Forgot (PWF), a Snapchat-focused campaign for World Alzheimer’s Month was launched in September 2015. The campaign was aimed...
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