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Remembering ‘Pa’ for who he used to be

| Caregiver Story, Singapore | No Comments
"It was as though his old self had been suppressed beneath a layer of ice and was able…

But The Heart: A mirror of my experience

| Caregiver, Caregiver Story, Singapore, Young Caregiver | No Comments
"But The Heart is a mirror of my own experience and follows the journey from not really understanding…

Growing up with Grandma and learning to understand dementia

| Caregiver, Caregiver Story, Singapore, Young Caregiver | No Comments
"I have lived with two grandparents diagnosed with dementia. When I was 8 years old, I lived with…

The loving memories of my Grandfather and wishing we had known more back then

| Caregiver, Malaysia | No Comments
"My memories of my Tata (Grandfather in Tamil) were ones of him being a strong-willed man. As he…
Dee_Caring With You_Dementia

Motivated by caring for Mum, a Dementia Centre in Malaysia was formed

| Caregiver, Malaysia | No Comments
After 10 years in Singapore, I moved back to care for my Mum with dementia. I did not…

5 Things to consider when tailoring your home environment for a loved one with dementia

| Awareness, Caregiving Tips | No Comments
Many of us would want to create the perfect dementia enabling environment for ourselves or for our loved…