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Motivated by caring for Mum, a Dementia Centre in Malaysia was formed

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After 10 years in Singapore, I moved back to care for my Mum with dementia. I did not…

5 Things to consider when tailoring your home environment for a loved one with dementia

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Many of us would want to create the perfect dementia enabling environment for ourselves or for our loved…

Easy to use games and activities to engage a loved one with dementia

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Many caregivers now find themselves working from home, and caring for a loved one with dementia while being…

“I Don’t Know What To Do Anymore” – 5 Ways to Cultivate Mindfulness as a Caregiver

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Caring for a loved one with dementia often comes with an immense amount of challenge and responsibility. As…

Reaching out to isolated persons with dementia is essential during Covid-19 – here are 7 specific things you can do

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Older adults always need social connection, but they need it now more than ever. The novel coronavirus brings…

Truly smart homes could help persons with dementia live independently

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The growing number of people with dementia is encouraging care providers to look to technology as a way…