10 Ways To Help If Her Parent Has Alzheimer’s

Have a fellow girl friend or dating a partner whose parent has Alzheimer’s ? Don’t know how to help? Read on.
By Y.J Yeap

Do you have a friend or are you dating a girl whose parent has Alzheimer’s and you don’t know how to help? Don’t fret! Here are a couple of suggestions you may use to comfort or help them.

However, before we head down to the list, do remember that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, merely saying trite phrases like ‘Call me if you need me’, ‘I’m always here for you if you need me’, ‘I understand what you’re going through’, or the highly annoying and condemnable (god forbid that this should come from your mouth) “Here’s what I would do if I were you” when you don’t mean it is a waste of everybody’s time.

Here are the 10 things you can do to make her feel better:

1. Always be there for her when she wants to talk

However, this is not a time for you to host your own pity party. This is about her.

2. Do fun things that will take her mind off things for a while

Go for a picnic, plant a mini herb garden, or make popcorn and watch a film together.

3. Make regular meetups a relaxing routine she can look forward to at the end of a tiring week

Heading to the gym, shopping together, having a massage, or going out for a dinner date all sound like perfect opportunities for her to get that break she desperately needs. Alternatively, start a new hobby together where you can meet up frequently.

4. Make her a cake. Heck, just bake a cake together!

Ah, girls and their love for sweets and baked goods. Even if she doesn’t have a sweet tooth, savory cupcakes and muffins do exist! So, print out a recipe for that cake you guys have always wanted to replicate and get your bake on!

5. Run some errands for her

Help with doing the groceries, walking the dog, or repairing anything that requires fixing around her house, et cetera.

6. Organise a sleepover at her place and help out a little with the caregiving.

She’ll really love this one because there is a huge chance that she probably hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in a long while. This ties in nicely to our next point.

7. Make her breakfast so that she can sleep in for a while.

Turn off the alarm and let her be so that she’ll wake up naturally. What will she love more after all that beauty rest? Breakfast! Are those chocolate and banana pancakes we’re smelling from the kitchen?

8. Make her a card with a personal message within

This one just hits the feels. Let her know that you have been thinking about her through this difficult time and that you think she’s being awesome at handling it!

9. Keep a lookout for symptoms of burn out, depression, or anxiety

Follow through by giving her emotional support or accompany her on doctor visits whenever possible.

10. And lastly, hug her.

Huge amounts of hugs are required. Don’t be stingy! Drown her with lots and lots of big, bear hugs (unless she’s not a hugger. Then just do whatever’s mentioned above).

We’ve listed out the 10 ways we think might help maker her feel better! Think there’s something else that can be done? What would you do? Share with us by commenting below.

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